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Boiler Repair Costs

Boiler Repairs – How much should I be paying?

Your boiler or central heating has stopped working. Which then leaves you wondering how much you can expect to pay for your boiler repair costs. This article reveals what you can expect to pay for different types of boiler and central heating repairs.

How much should you really be paying for boiler or central heating repair?

Maybe you’ve called a plumber and you don’t seem to be getting any straight answers. Perhaps you’re being quoted an hourly rate on the phone. You’re worried that they will charge you a small fortune. Then to discover that charge was just to take a look at your boiler and didn’t include any repairs.

Sound familiar? In our experience, this is normally because they don’t want to scare you off so they hook you in with a low price to start with. Which then quickly escalates into the real cost.

Many energy providers offer a fixed price for repairs for under a hundred pounds which might sound like a good deal. However, remember – if it sounds too good to be true, it normally is.

Just a simple Google search for complaints about theses energy companies repair deals will amaze you at the trail of disgruntled customers on the internet.

Our Boiler Repair Costs Advice

You are ten times better off with a company that’s honest and upfront and tells you what it’s going to cost and not lead you astray.

Obviously you’d expect to pay a professional to look at your boiler and repair it, but what are the typical costs?

Did you know that 50% of call-outs for boiler repairs and breakdowns are unnecessary had the boiler been regularly serviced?

Central heating, plumbing and boiler repairs come under four classifications for what you can expect to pay:

  • Maintenance Repair – diagnosis and adjustments. For example, freeing up a stuck pump, valve or fan. Expected cost: £50 – £150
  • Service repair – diagnosis, servicing central heating system or boiler. For example, filling up or re-pressurising, cleaning or resetting equipment or controls. Expected cost: £80 – £200
  • Minor repair – diagnosing & replacing. For example, fan, printed circuit board, pump, diverter valve, gas valve, controls, expansion vessel & electrical components. Expected cost: £250 – £800
  • Major repair – diagnosing, power flushing, as well as replacing heat exchangers, controls & hot water storage vessel. Expected cost: £400 – £1200

You also need to take into consideration the time of day or night you call. Additionally, costs for labour can vary widely. Some bill by ½ hours or hours and can vary from £35-£150.

Boiler Repair Costs

So there you have some guidance as to what to expect to pay for various boiler repair costs.


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