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Elson Coral Electric Boiler Repairs

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Coral Electric Boiler Repairs – How to find faults

Elson Coral Electric Boiler Repairs heat water for bathing and washing in. They are often found in homes where there is no gas supply. As with all appliances that endure use, sometimes problems occur. This article helps you resolve your own hot water issues with these type boilers.

If you would rather not have the hassle, then call us and we can get your boiler fixed and runnig usually the same day. Our qualified trained engineers carry most non-generic parts for these boilers. We also carry out annual servicing and maintenance on Elson Coral E Electric boilers and if it’s beyond economical repair, them we can replace with a brand new modern electric boiler.

Coral E boilers (made by Elson) are known in the industry mostly as “Thermostores” which heat your hot water by heating a body of water, which in turn heats your hot water that passes through it.

Are you experiencing any of these problems with your Electric Boiler?

  • Elson Coral Electric boiler repairsOnly getting half the hot water you used to
  • Having to keep using the boost button
  • Water will not stop running in the tank and the noise is keeping you awake at night
  • No hot water whatsoever
  • Works intermittently
  • Water leaks from the unit itself

Common Faults with Electric boilers

#1 – Faulty ball-valve

  • Not enough water is in the unit which could be caused by a faulty ball-valve
  • The ball-valve in the unit causes water to constantly run into the unit which causes it to overflow

#2 – Faulty element

  • The element could be faulty and cause intermittent heating up
  • A faulty element can also be the cause of only half the unit to heat up, resulting in hot water shortage.

#3 – Faulty High Limit Thermostat

  • If the unit is getting too hot, then that could be an indication that the High Limit Thermostat is faulty and should be replaced
  • If the unit is leaking that can also be indicative of the thermostat is leaking which could be due to corrosion

#4 – Ruptured Vessel Skin

  • If the unit itself is leaking that could be indicative that the vessel skin has ruptured.


Can’t repair your Electric Boiler?

If you’re unable to resolve the problems yourself and need Coral Electric boiler repairs, don’t despair! Advanced Heating & Plumbing have skilled gas-safe engineers that can be with you the same day to give you a no-obligation quotation to repair or replace most boiler problems, with a guarantee on all works.

Book your appointment by contacting us today.

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