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Gledhill Pulsa Coil & BoilerMate Repairs, Replacements & Servicing

Gledhill Pulsa Coil and BoilerMate Electric hot water boiler repairs have been our speciality for over 15 years. If you are trying to resolve your hot water issues with your PulsaCoil electric hot water boiler then make us your first call.

Our goal is to get you back up and running the very same day using our thoroughly trained and qualified engineers. In addition, we carry stock for most non-generic boiler parts.

We also carry out yearly boiler servicing and maintenance on Gledhill boilers and are able install replacements should models or parts become uneconomically viable to repair.

PulsaCoil and Boilermate boilers are known in the industry as ?Thermostores?. They work by heating a body of water which in turn heats the hot water that passes through it.

Gledhill Repairs

Which Gledhill boilers can we repair or service?

  • PulsaCoil
    • 2000
    • A-Class
    • BP????
    • III?????
  • BoilerMate
    • 2000
    • A-Class
    • BP
    • II or III

Gledhill Repairs and Problems

  • Only getting half the hot water you are used too?
  • Economy 7 over night heat up not working?
  • Having to keep using the boost button?
  • Wet patch on the floor beneath unit?
  • No hot water whatsoever?
  • Boiler works? intermittently?
  • Water leaking from boiler?
  • Massive electricity bills?

Gledhill PulsaCoil & BoilerMate Boilers ? Common Faults:

  • Faulty ball valve therefore not enough water is in the unit
  • Additionally, a faulty ball valve in unit can cause water to constantly run into unit and overflow
  • Faulty element therefore causing intermittent heat up
  • Faulty element causing only half of unit to heat up so resulting in a shortage of hot water
  • A faulty high limit thermostat which then causes the unit to get too hot
  • A faulty thermostat pocket leaking due to corrosion causes the unit to leak
  • Or, a ruptured vessel skin which then causes the unit to leak?

DIY Advice for Gledhill Boilers

Gledhill PulsaCoil or BoilerMate boilers are quite complicated to work on, so we don?t recommend you try carrying out repairs yourself.

Danger😕 Beware: the casing of a Gledhill PulsaCoil boiler is charged with 30amp 240 volts, which, if interfered with incorrectly by someone untrained, could result in death or severe injury!

So make sure you call a Gledhill repair trained engineer like us.

What if your Gledhill can?t be fixed?

If your Gledhill boiler cannot be fixed, we can replace it with a new boiler within 24 hours. We will diagnose and repair boiler faults (in most cases) within the same day that you call us.

What?s more, all our boiler repairs come with a guarantee. All our engineers are Gas-Safe Registered and will treat your home just like they would their own, giving you peace of mind.

What next

If you want your Gledhill repaired, then?get in touch?with our staff and we will have you functioning again in no time at all. We?re only a phone call away and cover all parts of?Hertfordshire?and?North and West London.


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