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Heating and Plumbing Services Available During Coronavirus Lockdown

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Heating and plumbing problems can happen at any time, sometimes at the most inconvenient times and even during Coronavirus Lockdown.

Let’s get through this together

Here?s how we?re helping to keep you and us and our families safe.

Keyworkers Priority

If you?re a keyworker, then you?re our priority and as a token of our appreciation of your work and dedication during these times we are offering you a 25% discount.

Services we can offer

We are now able to offer our full range of services subject to the on-site precautions outlined below:

On-site Precautions During Lockdown

To protect you and our staff and their families from spreading COVID19, there will be a number of precautions we require whilst at your home, including:

  1. only provide on-site service to homes where everyone living there is healthy/free from COVID19 symptoms
  2. we will wear PPE (masks and gloves)
  3. maintaining 2m safe distance from each other
  4. ask you to open all windows

If someone at your home is ill or has symptoms (namely cough or fever), then we will not enter your home and the visit will be cancelled and a cancellation fee of ?39.50 + VAT is payable.

Other Helpful Heating and Plumbing Articles to Help During Lockdown

We’ve got a number of helpful how-to articles in our Knowledge Centre to help resolve common problems – Check out the links below.

More information on COVID19 Lockdown

Here’s the BBC link to current news and information about the Coronavirus Lockdown

In the meantime, stay safe.

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